In 1994, I decided to take control of my well being by avoiding over the counter and pharmaceutical medicine. I started looking at natural solutions. I researched herbs and essential oils. After taking several courses, I started making essential oils blends for myself and my family. They worked so well that my friends took interest. I became quite busy mixing formulas and testing them for several years. I was encouraged by my family to start making them available to the public. So I began going to farmer’s markets and then craft fairs.

I started this website in 1998. This has been more than a job because I have made a difference for so many people who have become my friends as well. One of the signs at the shows says “Never tested on animals except for family, friends and me.”  I am continually experimenting with many of the oils.

If you are new to my website, I welcome you. Please note that all of my products come with a 100% guarantee so feel free to try one. If you have any questions, I will gladly share my time with you.


Nancy Hastings